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And The Winners Are.

Congratulations from all the staff of the ZFC for a job well done. And especially to the players who have gladly accepted the ZFC challenge and conquered it. Below are this year's weekly winners, National Huddle Champion and our end of the year overall Grand ZFC Champion.

2010-2011 – ZFC Champion – Charlie Phillips!

week6.jpgCongratulations Charlie Phillips!

The NEW 2010-2011 ZFC Champion!

The entire staff at the ZFC congratulates Charlie for a impressive and competitive football challenge season. Charlie's on target pick strategy earned him this years grand prize and year long bragging rights all the way to next years NFL Challenge.

Week 17 – ZFC Champion –  Jim Gabryszak

week6.jpgWeek 17 was an amazing challenge that went into overtime, but when the smoke cleared it was Jim Gabryszak emerging as the victor. Congratulations to Jim for a battle well fought he is our ZFC Week 17 Winner.

Week 16 – ZFC Champion – Anthony "Mr. Minnesota" Williams

Anthony_Williams.jpgWhat a game!!!
I hope most of you that had standings in the top of the Leaderboard this week were watching.....this is how quickly things can change.....actually I think this is possibly the third time an underdog with a big spread has propelled someone to the top of the Leaderboard! Kelly Garrett with her Cleveland pick, Don Kerian with his Oakland pick, and now Anthony Williams with his Minnesota pick. All I can say is WOW!!
Just a little history on Anthony, he started playing in the ZFC at week 10.  With the exception of week 12 he has picked Minnesota in various capacities as the winner.  Well, who could have known that the loyalty he showed would pay off in Week 16! That's a true FAN......
Another little bit of history about the co-creator Michael V. Zappia, 14 out of the last 16 weeks he has been the winning players agent! That's amazing!! He may not be able to win (other than week 1) but he can sure pick players that can win!! Way to go Mike!

Week 15 – ZFC Champion – Kenny "The Gladiator" Baxter

Kenny_Baxter.jpgWeek 15 Champion is the player who was first in submitting his picks this week.....KENNY "THE GLADIATOR" BAXTER!! 23 is his final score.....
Congratulations Mr. Baxter!!!  You were the first player to put in your picks and they didn't let you down!  All but 5 players have Chicago tonight so they better bring home a win.

Week 14 – ZFC Champion – Bill "The Shark" Sharkey!

week14.jpgWhat a week!!....a delayed game, a roof collapse, upsets, favre ending his number of consecutive starts and a shark attack!! doesn't get any better than this.
Congratulations....... Bill Sharkey you almost pulled off a perfect week!  being a "shark" your pick should have been able to eat the dolphins for lunch!  I guess not this week....

Bill, must be something about the name, Sharkey...Bill Bokelmann came one win away from a PERFECT WEEK this year as well!  MY HATS OFF to you Bill Sharkey!!!!
You nailed YOUR TOP, YOUR 4 LOCKS, YOUR UNDERDOG, YOUR STRETCH and ALL but one pick and that team is probably you're favorite team the Miami Dolphins!  BILL WHYYYYYYYY didn't you pick the Dolphins??????? UGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!  Almost PERFECT Folks BILL The Shark Sharkey!

Week 13 – ZFC Champion – Don "The Man" Kerian!

week13.jpgDon Kerian...WoW~!  Amazing.  Don played beautifully this week.
Don scored 29.5 points and is our season record holder for highest weekly point total!  I'd give anything to pick up 30 points in one week!  You killed it Don and special congratulations also goes out to Don's agent, Pam "I am" Bokelmann!  Pam brought Don into the ZFC just a couple of weeks ago.  Both of you win a prize this week. 

Thanks Don for doing such a great job of making your picks this week!  It's amazing how many rookies are winning this season!!

Week 12 – ZFC Champion – Jared Chesser!

week3.jpgI think Jarred got his wish this Thanksgiving......Congratulations.....Do you think you can do a three-peat???

Jared Congratulations!  I need your address so I can zip you out your prize unless you will be here this Sunday for service at my house!  

Week 11 – ZFC Champion – Bill Watson! Can anyone beat this Man???

week11.jpgBill Watson is on fire.  He has only been in the ZFC for a little over a month and he has dominated the League!

He has a Week 8 Championship that took three weeks to steel from Jeff Hanover in a grueling Triple Overtime victory which ended in week 10!  Then he follows that up immediately with a week 11 Victory!

Here's what you need to know about Bill Watson.  He is a DIE hard Boston fan!  NO I MEAN DIE HARD!  If you offered to pay him 1 Billion dollars to put on a New York Yankees Cap he would refuse you!  He is adamant about this!

Bill is also an entrepreneur and the MAN responsible for being the first sponsor of the ZFC!  The prizes and memorabilia that we receive as giveaways are directly from Bill's company, Memorabilia International!  100% Authentic Autographed memorabilia that David Packard, Jeff Hanover, and Bill Bokelmann are now proud owners of!  Thank you Bill for being my friend! 

The ZFC will be bigger than we dreamed it to be because of Bill Watson!

Week 10 – ZFC Champion –  David Packard And Bill Watson!


**Please Congratulate David Packard +21 our Week 10 2010 ZFC NFL Football Challenge Champion!!!**

Unofficial Results!!!  David had the week won prior to Sunday Nights kickoff according to our calculations!

Dave HIT his Underdog with Dallas, the biggest Underdog of the week and he hit his Top = That's +19 right there!

He is one for three so far on his Locks!  He hit his Stretch and he went 4 for 6 on his Picks...A total record of 8 and 4 with one game remaining!  Dave proved our strategy theory correct...First thing is you must hit your Top and then your Underdog.  David please send me your address so I can ship you your Prize!  And please pick your prize from the Tyson Pictures down below!!!

Week 9 – ZFC Champion – Bill Bokelmann!

week9.jpgCongratulations Bill Bokelmann, our Week 9 Champion with an AMAZING perfect Sunday selection was brought down by the Steelers!  Sorry Bill. The bar has been set ZFCers!

(Bill I was so impressed by your play this week!  You kicked some serious butt!  It was unfortunate that the Steelers pulled out the win and spoiled your perfect game!!!  You are still the proud new owner of a valuable autographed photograph of Mike Tyson!  I will present it to you this week! MVZ).

Week 8 – ZFC Champion – Bill Watson!

week11.jpgPlease Congratulate Bill Watson our Week 8 2010 ZFC NFL Football Challenge Champion!!!

Bill defeated Jeff Hanover in triple overtime!!!  I don't have their official scores yet but it appears that Bill has Jeff by a landslide this week.  Great job both of you and thank you for making the tiebreaker exciting.  I think we are going to keep the tiebreaker system the way it is.  Only time will tell and if we need to change it let's do so!  For now it's Overtime Baby!!!  Think about sports what's more exciting than sudden death overtime???  Nothing!!!  So the ZFC should have an element of sudden death OT~! 

Just like the ZFC will have the element of the perfect game!!! 

Jeff Hanover continues to impress and if he would have been running the overall leaderboard the entire season I believe Jeff would be in first place!  However hats off to newcomer Bill Watson who had three great weeks in a row!!!  Wow!!!  That's very impressive!  I invented the game and I can't pick winners to save my life over here this year!

Week 7 – ZFC Champion – Kelly Garrett!

week7.jpgKelly won it all but see how you placed in the ZFC week 7~!

Who says women don't know football?  She is too far ahead for anyone to catch her!!!  She hit a monster Underdog when she picked Cleveland to beat New Orleans!  WOW!!!

Kelly how in Gods' name did you know that was going to happen?  You took a chance and it paid off~!  What made it even sweeter is nobody picked Cleveland as their dog or at all for that matter!  Out of 32  players you stand alone at the top and Monday Nights game won't change the result!!!

WHAT A WEEK KELLY!!!  Congratulations on putting your name in the ZFC record book!

Week 6 – ZFC Champion – Nick Valle!

week6.jpgOvertime never happened!  Nick took Bill Bokelmann out of contention with a Tennessee Lock for the victory!

Week 5 – ZFC Champion – Jeff Raposa!

week6.jpgCongratulations Jeff!  I just met Jeff two weeks ago at Guadalajara at the Sunset Station Hotel and Casino.  We simply struck up a conversation about football and I asked him if I could tell him about a little football contest we have called the ZFC!  He liked the idea and the concept of the contest and in his second week he took the weekly crown....Now Jeff please get a Facebook account so I don't have to keep copying you on these posts to your email.  LOL!

It's back to back Jeff's...Last week was Jeff Hanover...this week is Jeff Raposa! 

Week 4 – ZFC Champion – Jeff Hanover!

week4.jpgOnce again Congratulations Jeff Hanover!  Michael Ciavarella (aka Uncle Mike) comes in second with an impressive +15.  Frank Colella finishes strong with a Top pick win in New England jumping him into the top three for the week.  Jared isn't just a guy known for eating subway sandwiches, he is also a stud in the ZFC!  His girl Alex comes in right behind him at +12.  Now there's a dual for ya.  That houselhold kicks butt.

Frank Tavares, John Blewis, Mike Visconte, Charlie Phillips, David Zappia, Jonathon Stine, David Packard, myself, Jeff Raposa, Bill Kerley, Brian Kita and Amanda Fernandez finish in the middle of the pack!

Pam and Bill you might want to hang out with Jared and Alex and get some advice this week.

Brain what happened +2.  Are you serious?  Come on you're better than that!

Week 3 – ZFC Champion – Jared New Champion and Brian Howard 2nd AGAIN!!!

week3.jpgWOW!  Jared's first week and he smoked it!!!  You rock Jared...Won't happen again so please savor this moment!  You're on TOP of the Mountain now get out of the way because I will absolutely smoke everyone this week.  I know things...Let's just keep it like that!

But no disrespect to your excellent selections this week...YOU did perfect on all of your higher unit picks and that's how you win the ZFC...Your Top, four Locks, Underdog and stretch were absolutely perfect!!!

MR. Second...Brian Howard takes 2nd place two weeks in a row.  Or should we call you Mr. Consistent but winning ain't easy Brian...You are the ZFC's version of the Buffalo Bills.  Let's see you do it 4 weeks in a row!!!

Week 2 – ZFC Champion – Pam Bokelmann!

week2.jpgZFC 2010 WEEK 2 Official Leaderboard!  And we have a NEW Champion!  Her name is Pam Bokelmann +19!  Wow Pam you tore it up and if you knew the strategy of the game better you could have had even more points!

Week 1 – ZFC Champion – Michael "The Creator" Zappia

MichaelVZappia.jpgWhat a way to open the season! Right out of the gate our game creator Michael Zappia showed us not only how to play…but how to play and win!

Congrats Mike for a job well done. We only hope as the year progresses that you let some of us win as well!!

Last Year's  – ZFC Champion – Brian Kita!

week1.jpgCongratulations Brian Kita! A NEW .....and First ever ZFC Champion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An Underdog pick +6 and +17 points wagered earns him a total of 40 points in The First Ever Zapp Football Challenge Post Season Championship!............ The Phillips Trophy I believe goes to Johnny Machesko! Unofficial results!!! and the Toilet Bowl Seat Trophy goes to..........


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