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Zapp Fanatic Challenge

We created this game so that my friends, family and I could have something fun and competitive to do during the football season.  The game turned out to be so much fun that it has grown to over 500+ players and we haven’t even started marketing this to the masses yet. 

We have played the game on facebook and this might be the last week EVER for that. 
Thank you Facebook.

For instructions for you first-time players, see the How To Play page. 

It’s really easy but you will need to read How To Play and just follow it step-by-step.
If this is your first week in the ZFC, congratulations.  We hope you enjoy the game.  This game is FREE!  It’s better than FREE!  We are giving away Unbelievable prizes.  The prizes will be listed on the Member Benefits page.

We will be giving away Prizes every week and there are over 500+ players.  We created a cool way for you to have multiple chances to win!  If you introduce someone to the ZFC you become their agent.  So simply send people to the ZFC and if they submit picks you get a second chance to win! 

We give a Grand Prize to our weekly champion and a prize to their agent!  Eventually the prizes will be trips to the Superbowl, NFL, NBA, NHL games, UFC events, etc!

This week we are giving away memorabilia! 
Signed Authentic Jerseys and possibly giving you a choice to PICK YOUR PRIZE!


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