ZFC Game Page Instructions

How to use the interface for the ZFC Game Page.

The ZFC - Zapp Fanatic Challenge is so much fun to play - just follow the instructions below.

  1. Click on the team icon from the team icon area, then click on the location you want to place your selection, the team's icon will show in that area immediately.

    Note: The team icon area is below the green navigational arrows. For viewing all team icons,
    select the left or right arrow and it will move the team icons so they are visible for your selections.

  2. You can at anytime swap your selected team icons, just follow step 1.
    Your selection will automatically be replaced with your new selection.

  3. To submit your game week selections, just click on the "Submit Your Picks" to the right. You MUST have a full selection to submit, you can always come back and change them prior to the close of the game week.

  4. To reset your game week selections, just click on the "Reset Your Picks" to the right.

    This will delete and clear your game selections, that's all of your choices and you will have to start over.

  5. You will be able to reset your selections until noon time (EST) on the first day of the first game play for the ZFC game week.

    Example: The ZFC game week starts (after the Monday night games) on Tuesday and selections can be made and adjusted until Saturday 12 noon (EST) of the same week. The only exception is if the ZFC game week includes a Friday night game, then the cut off will be Friday at 12 noon (EST).

    To "Learn How To Play", click the image below.

    To "Get In On All The Action", click the image below.


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