ZFC Huddles - Private or Join a Public Huddle

Just like in some sport games, 11 players on each side (offense, defense) group together on the field and call a play. Inside the ZFC a huddle is very similarhuddles.jpg to that same concept. This feature will be available in the Basketball and Hockey seasons during the third week

In the ZFC the twist on the traditional huddle is that 11 people come together to form a “league” called “For example”  BigBombers Huddle (or any other creative name) that huddle will compete weekly against not only each other within that huddle, but against the rest of the “Huddles” that's what we call "Huddles vs. Huddles" within an ZFC Challenge.

With the weekly winner emerging victorious. This kind of team play ignites a sense of competition within the huddle as well as a team concept as the huddle competes nationally as well. This little twist on the game gives the ZFC a well rounded player experience as they compete for their league title as well as a shot at becoming a member of the 2011 Huddle National Champion.


Public - Huddle

A public huddle is just that... open to the public where anyone can join in on any public huddle that needs a player to fill their 11 man roster. Some players pick a huddle because they like the huddle name, or the city they come from or some may choose to play in a huddle because they all are fans of a certain professional team. The possibilities are endless. A public huddle becomes closed when all 11 player spots are filled.

Private - Huddle
A private huddle is the same as a public other than a private huddle is closed to the public and players are invited to join by email from the creator of the huddle. A private huddle becomes closed when all 11 player spots are filled.


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