How To Play The ZFC Challenge

If you want to test your skills at picking NFL, NBA, NHL Games with a twist...

This is a NO spreads contest! What does that mean? It means that you are ONLY picking the winners of each game.

The only reason we post the + next to teams on the weekly schedule is so you, the player know which teams happen to be the Long Shot. We ask you to select 2 every week, an Long Shot and a Stretch

Step One.....
Choose Your Top Pick.

Your Top pick is worth 5 Zapp Points. [ +5 or -5 ]
Choose your Top pick wisely!  It is imperative that you get this pick correct to have a chance at being the weekly Champ!

Step Two....
Choose Your 4 Locks.

Your Locks are worth 2 Zapp Points. [ +2 or -2 ]
Your locks are also very valuable because they are worth 2 Zapp Points each.

Step Three....
Choose An Long Shot – Only One Long Shot.

It is worth -2 Zapp Points if you get it wrong and you will earn however many + Zapp Points are next to the team name in the weekly schedule if you choose it correctly.
Your Underdog can only be a [ +3 ] or higher Underdog!

Step Four....
Choose Your Stretch – Only One Stretch.

Your stretch needs to have a Plus sign next to it to.
Your stretch has to be at least +1 or higher. 
If you choose a stretch that wins you win 2 Zapp Points. [ +2 ] 
If you get your stretch wrong you lose only 1 Zapp Point.  [ -1 ]

Step Five....
Choose The Remaining Picks.

For the remaining games you are simply choosing the winners
and these are worth 1 Zapp Point each!  [ +1 or -1 ]

Get In On All The Action!


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